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Mar 7


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Employment Investigations

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) investigators can assist you with all employment related investigations and be a true asset to your Human Resources department. Our skilled investigators can utilize interview techniques as well as sources of evidence gathering to conduct quick and accurate information gathering. Whether your investigation is for Hiring Consultation, Interview Training, Employee Theft matters, Employment Investigations or Security Issues, we can help.


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Business Surveillance

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) investigators can use our skilled investigators to provide surveillance in order to gather intelligence on your business need. Whether surveillance is needed to gather information on a prospective partner, new hire or hints of espionage, we can help.

Corporate Security Consultation

Behavior Analysis Investigations (BAI) investigators have been providing security consulting since 2000. Our team of former law enforcement investigators have an extensive background in executive protection and can provide protection advice, site inspections and location hardening systems (alarms. motion sensors, CCTV, tracking).


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